Sit & Go


Sit & Go Tournaments

Poker tournaments come in various varieties. One of the various types you’ll encounter on is the sit and go tournament. As tournaments go, this one is a little different as literally has no scheduled start time. For these tournaments to begin, players need to be seated on all the seats on the S&G table. As you can see, you don’t need to register in advance for a Sit & Go as you can quite simply walk in and participate as long as there’s even a single seat left for you to take. If you want game play that is faster than what you get in the usual tournament formats, Sit & Go tournaments are what you need to play.

In order to play, players need to buy-in, which is a fixed amount. This buy-in amount comprises of the individual entry fee as well as that player’s contribution to the overall prize pool. If one uses the correct strategy, S&G tournaments can be a quick way to earn a great deal of money. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the faster game play in S&G tournaments needs a slight change in strategy than the other types of tournaments.

There would be plenty of Sit & Go tournaments being hosted on, at regular intervals to ensure that our players get more than their fair share of opportunities to play this exciting poker tournament format.

Finding Sit & Go tournaments is easy; all you need to do is click on the ‘Sit & Go’ tab in the poker lobby.

The Sit & Go Advantage

Sit & Go tournaments are economical in many ways. Not only are players required to spend lesser time on the tournaments, but the buy-in fees are generally fixed at an affordable amount. In other words, S&G tournaments are a good way for new and old players alike to boost their poker bankroll.

How to Enter Sit & Go Poker Tournaments?

It is fairly easy to play Sit & Go tournaments on As mentioned earlier, you’ll find any open SNG tournaments in the lobby. To make them easier to spot, you can click the Sit & Go tab. Once you take a seat in a SNG tournament, you can relax and wait for the seats to fill up. It is then and only then that the tournament shall start.

Sit & Go Tournament Fees

The appropriate buy-in amount, which is fixed for a particular S&G tournament, is deducted from the player’s poker account at the time of taking the seat. In case the player leaves before the tournament starts, the fee is returned.

Please note: if a player leaves after game play begins the Sit & Go poker tournament fees will not be returned.