Rebuy Tournaments

Life may not give you second chances, but does. If it ever happens to you that you are running out of chips in an online poker tournament and find yourself wishing for another chance at the action, maybe you should give our rebuy tournaments a look.

Rebuy tournaments hosted by allow you to buy more chips (with some restrictions) during the tournament unlike a standard ‘freezeout’ tournament, where once you are out of chips you are out of the tournament.

Rebuy poker tournaments at suit every type of poker player. You might be the perennial risk taker or the occasional one, these tournaments give you the freedom to play tournament poker as you like – without fear.

Playing in a Rebuy Tournament

There is a ‘rebuy period’ at the beginning of the tournament. A typical rebuy period might be the first hour of the event (until the first break starts). Once that period is over, no more rebuys are permitted. During the rebuy period, there may be a fixed number of rebuys available, or an unlimited number. If you run completely out of chips, you will automatically be offered a rebuy (if one is available). At any time when you have chips, you can click on the dealer tray and select the ‘Add More Chips’ option to rebuy. If you're not eligible for a rebuy (because you've reached the maximum number of rebuys, or because there is a maximum number of chips where rebuys are allowed), you'll get a message to that effect.


In general, you may rebuy using the ‘Add More Chips’ button in the dealer tray any time your stack is less than or equal to the starting chip stack. This means you can rebuy once before the tournament even starts! The rebuy may cost any amount, but generally costs the same as the original buy-in, and gets you the same number of chips that you got for your original buy-in.


Once the rebuy period is complete an ‘add-on’ may be made available, for most cases this occurs during the first break. Unlike a rebuy, an add-on is available no matter how many chips you have.

The add-on generally costs the same as the original buy-in and gets you the same or higher number of chips than your original buy-in. So if the tournament buy-in is 10+1 then rebuys will cost 10 out of which the entire amount goes to the prize pool.

The prize pool on rebuy tournaments depends on the number of rebuys and is hence announced after the rebuy period is over.