GTD Tournaments


With guaranteed tournaments on, you just cannot go wrong. Do you ask why? Check the name again: they’re called guaranteed for a reason. That reason is that the winner is guaranteed exciting real money prizes. And nowhere are they more exciting or grander than they are at

The guaranteed tournaments offered by feature enormous real money prizes, with tournament buy-in fees so low that they’re practically unheard of. Isn’t that the best of both worlds? And more importantly, isn’t it an opportunity of a lifetime?

How Do Guaranteed Tournaments Work?

  • Guaranteed tournaments also known as GTD’s are the tournaments paying out a guaranteed amount irrespective of the players registering to the tournament.
  • A GTD will have a fixed prize pool and fixed number of in-the-money players would be paid in the end.
  • For example,
    • Let there be a GTD with a minimum guaranteed prize pool of 50,000 and with a buy-in fees of 1000, with the minimum number of players needed being 20.
    • Then, in case of only 20 players showing up, 30,000 would go to the prize pool through the total fees contributed by the players, and the rest of the amount would be contributed by to complete the prize pool.
    • If, however, 100 players show up, then the prize pool goes up to 1 lakh, which is twice the minimum guaranteed sum.
    • Now if we also assume that the top five in the money players are rewarded in this tournament, then these players shall each receive their respective share of the prize pool.

Benefits of a GTD

  • Guaranteed and fixed amount to play for.
  • Low number of registrations will give an advantage to win the big amount.
  • Regularly scheduled tournaments to give you the maximum number of opportunities.