Deep stacks


Deep Stacks Tournaments

PokerMix presents you with fun and challenging variants in poker tournaments right from slow, deep stacks Texas Hold’em Poker to the brand new Speed Tournaments.

If outwitting players with superior skills of reading opponents’ game from their betting patterns is your forte, then Deep Stacks multiplayer Texas Hold’em tournaments are just what the doctor ordered for you. Deep Stacks poker tournaments are the ultimate test of poker skill, patience and strategy. They give you an opportunity to take on the might of the rest of the players at and find out if you can last the distance. Deep Stacks Tournaments

To begin with all you need to do is spot the tournament in the lobby labelled as a ‘Deep Stacks’ event. Consistent with the rules of a Deep stacks tournament a player receives more chips than a usual tournament, mostly being 5,000 chips. Blinds being the same it gives players more play throughout the event. Not only do these tournaments have a high starting stack, they also have 30-minute intervals between each level. The norm for change in intervals is 15 minutes, increasing the levels in Deep Stack events is a way to provide players with a lot of play especially in the first few stages of the event.