Leaderboard is giving all our registered players the opportunity to prove their poker skill to test while they continue to win loads of cash at our tables. Game Promotions team at has made sure that our tournament leaderboard race promotions are not too long or too short and that it has the best value for all our players. We at have created simple and effective formats for our tournament leaderboards so that all our registered players have a fair shot at the grand prize.

In the first month there will be just one leaderboard running at a time. In due course of time, we would be increasing the number of leaderboards and it will go up to four leaderboards. Players who finish in the top 10 on the leaderboard will get their hands-on cash and gadget prizes.

From the second month onward there will be two leaderboards running at any given time at The two leaderboards would be split into Sit ‘N’ Go’s leaderboards and MTT leaderboards.

The moment you start playing in tournaments at, you will begin accumulating BTP points (Base Tournament Points). The player with the highest BTP points will be selected as the winner. The BTP would be visible to players on the site and Social Media Pages. The BTP points are calculated using some very crucial parameters like the ones mentioned below:

  • Profit history: History of tournaments and SnG’s/MTT’s played.
  • Count: Number of tournaments played/ Number of matches played.
  • Average profit: Players winnings.
  • Average Stakes: Ring games stakes.
  • Average ROI.
  • Form/Ability

When you play online poker for cash at you not play compete for that top spot and cash but also for ultimate poker glory which is topping the leaderboard for the month. The top 10 finishers not only get their items of choice from our poker store but also tickets to big money tournaments that lead to live events to Goa, Macau, other hot spots in Asia, Europe and even the United States.