Poker Software Download


It's easy to get started. Just follow these three steps:


If it did not start automatically, you will need to download again.

The window below will appear. Click Run.


You may get a confirmation dialogue, please click Run again.


After the software has downloaded, the installer will appear and guide you through the installation process.


Create Account

The software will open automatically once the installation has completed. It looks like this:


Now you can create your account and join the fun!

Using the INSTA Play Version:

  • Downloading our poker software installation files may not always be feasible. Perhaps the network you are on restricts downloads, or perhaps you often login from your workplace for a bit of relaxation. It could even be that you use a non-Windows Operating System.
  • For any such situation, where you cannot, or prefer not to, download our online poker software, has the non-download html5-based poker software. This can be accessed by simply clicking the ‘Instant Play’. This button can be found on every page on the website, right near the ‘Download’ button.
  • If you are logged in when you click this, it takes you directly to the poker lobby. If not, it presents you with a login screen. If you are completely new to the site, you should click the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the login screen and register your account.